Sorting Chain of Gold Characters Into Hogwarts Houses

Chain of Gold characters illustrated by Cassandra Jean

Today, we thought we’d follow up our previous post, Giving Chain of Gold Characters MBTI Personality Types, by sorting the same characters into Hogwarts houses. It was so much fun giving them personality types and so we thought sorting them would be great fun too!

So, let’s grab our sorting hat and get started…

James Herondale: Gryffindor – James makes many bold moves, entering the shadow realm alone to fight Belial and even burning down Blackthorn manor for Grace. He’s also very chivalrous, offering to marry Cordelia to save her from shame despite believing he doesn’t love her.

Cordelia Carstairs: Hufflepuff – Cordelia is incredibly loyal, risking her future to save James and travelling to London set on freeing her father. She is also dedicated to Alastair and cares greatly about him, despite his often unpleasantness…

Matthew Fairchild: Slytherin – This was a hard one… On the one hand, he’s very dedicated to Henry, but we decided that his disloyalty to his mother in Cast Long Shadows ruled out Hufflepuff. In the end, we decided that Matthew’s extravagant tastes and his decision to almost try to steal Cordelia from James at the end of Chain of Gold pointed towards Slytherin.

Lucie Herondale: Ravenclaw – Lucie is a very smart young woman. She is extremely perceptive of those around her, quickly realising that the ghost she’s been encountering is Jesse Blackthorn and seeing through Matthew’s charming facade when no one else will. And, to top it off, she’s a writer!

Anna Lightwood: Slytherin – Anna is very devious, charming Hypatia Vex so that the Merry Thieves can steal her pyxis. And then there’s the Book of Conquests…

Thomas Lightwood: Gryffindor – Thomas proves his bravery when he enters the Fairchild manor alone to confront Charles and make the antidote for the ill Shadowhunters, despite not having Christopher to help him. He also stands up to Alastair at the end of the book, when Matthew reveals the lies that Alastair had helped spread at the Shadowhunter Academy.

Alastair Carstairs: Hufflepuff – Alastair is loyal to a fault. He is devoted to Charles, standing by him even when he knows what he’s doing is wrong. He also protects Cordelia from the truth about their father through their entire childhood, doing everything he can for her and their mother.

Charles Fairchild: Slytherin – Charles makes it quite clear that nothing matters more to him than his ambitions. He is willing to hurt anyone in his attempt to achieve his goals, even the people he cares about, putting Alastair aside and ending his engagement to Ariadne in order to pursue a more advantageous marriage to Grace.

Grace Blackthorn: Slytherin – Grace hides her devious plots behind a mask of innocence. She bewitches James with her bracelet, making him fall in love with her, but ultimately leaves him for Charles to ensure her protection. We still aren’t sure of Grace’s motives or goals, but we think her cunning and mystery points towards Slytherin.

Jesse Blackthorn: Hufflepuff – Jesse’s loyalty to Lucie, even giving up his last breath to save her brother, places him in Hufflepuff. He also protects his sister to the best of his abilities, saving her from the demon in their garden with Lucie and keeping her company in their house, although he does not know her intentions.

Christopher Lightwood: Ravenclaw – it doesn’t get much smarter than Christopher. Although many may consider him eccentric, he has a brilliant mind, even if he is sometimes unaware of the dangers of his experiments. He invents the antidote to the demon poison and provides Thomas with sufficient instruction to complete it when he is attacked.

So, that’s all of them! Let us know if you agree with our choices 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sorting Chain of Gold Characters Into Hogwarts Houses

  1. I loved reading this! I think I agree with all your choices😂- although at first glance Alistair doesn’t seem Hufflepuff to me, but your explanation makes perfect sense! This was a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I love reading your posts! Being a shadowhunter trash as well, it is fun reading your thoughts about the book! Your posts are so interesting and fun to read! Loved this Shadowhunter x Harry Potter Variation!! Keep it up!!

    Liked by 2 people

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