Giving Infernal Devices Characters MBTI Personality Types

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

A few weeks back we gave Cassandra Clare’s Chain of Gold characters Myres-Briggs personality types we thought fitted them. And we enjoyed it so much, we thought we’d follow it up by doing the same for her Infernal Devices characters 🙂 Each of the personality types is made up of four letters, each representing a personality trait. Here’s a quick rundown of their meanings:


Introverted individuals are more reserved and can be quite shy, whereas extroverted individuals are more outgoing and sociable.


Observant people are very down-to-earth and tend to be practical, whereas intuitive people are imaginative and tend to look for hidden meanings instead of the obvious.


Thinking individuals are logical, critical and highly independent, whereas feeling individuals express their emotions and are more empathic.


Judging people prefer order and planning and are very organised, whereas prospecting people spot opportunities and are good at improvising.

So, let’s get into it…

The Characters

Tessa Grey: ISTJ – Logistician. Logisticians are down-to-earth, logical and reliable individuals.

Will Herondale: INFP – Mediator. Mediators are kind, idealistic people who also tend to be quite poetic 🙂

Jem Carstairs: ENFP – Campaigner. Campaigners are very creative and adventurous free spirits.

Charlotte Fairchild: ESFP – Entertainer. Entertainers are enthusiastic and passionate about life (even their very busy ones in Charlotte’s case!)

Henry Branwell: INTP – Logician. Logicians are curious and inventive, always looking to learn and discover new ideas.

Jessamine Lovelace: ISFJ – Defender. Defenders are protective and reliable, always looking out for their loved ones.

Cecily Herondale: ESTJ – Executive. Executives are highly organised and require structure and routine.

Gideon Lightwood: ENTP – Debater. Debaters are smart and witty and can’t resist a challenge.

Gabriel Lightwood: ISTJ – Logistician. Logisticians are down-to-earth, logical and reliable individuals (hmm… Same as Tessa…).

Sophie Collins: ISTP – Virtuoso. Virtuosos are practical and confident, very skilled with their hands.

Magnus Bane!!!: ENFP – Campaigner. Campaigners are very creative and adventurous free spirits ( we just had to include him…).

Let us know if you agree with our choices 🙂

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