Giving Infernal Devices Characters MBTI Personality Types

A few weeks back we gave Cassandra Clare’s Chain of Gold characters Myres-Briggs personality types we thought fitted them. And we enjoyed it so much, we thought we’d follow it up by doing the same for her Infernal Devices characters 🙂 Each of the personality types is made up of four letters, each representing aContinue reading “Giving Infernal Devices Characters MBTI Personality Types”

Sorting Chain of Gold Characters Into Hogwarts Houses

Today, we thought we’d follow up our previous post, Giving Chain of Gold Characters MBTI Personality Types, by sorting the same characters into Hogwarts houses. It was so much fun giving them personality types and so we thought sorting them would be great fun too! So, let’s grab our sorting hat and get started… JamesContinue reading “Sorting Chain of Gold Characters Into Hogwarts Houses”

Shadowhunters Parabatai Who Took Friendship To The Next Level

Parabatai are sworn warrior partners in Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters chronicles. Their bond is one of the closest we’ve ever come across in fiction, if the bond is broken it is almost impossible for the split parabatai to recover. The word parabatai originates from the Ancient Greek, heniochoi kai parabatai, referring to Greek charioteers and theirContinue reading “Shadowhunters Parabatai Who Took Friendship To The Next Level”